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We have the knowledge and the ability to provide services on various aircraft types/models. SSM Aerospace LLC is able to support diverse operations for Airframe & Avionics maintenance/engineering services on;


-Airbus-A319, A320, A321, A330.

-Embraer-140,145, 170, 175,190.

-CRJ/Bombardier- CRJ700/900, CRJ100/200, Q400.





SSM Aerospace LLC promises to follow current Airline/Aviation trends and adheres to latest operation standards. We strive to meet your needs by providing the highest quality of service and following all the safety guidelines. Our services & operations include:

Line Checks:  No matter where your Aircraft lands, SSM Aerospace will have teams assigned 24/7-365 days around the clock to cover your operations. 


On-Call/A.O.G: Teams are on standby 24/7 around the clock, just in case you need us to clear any MEL's and/or Deferred Items. 

Preventive maintenance: SSM Aerospace will have personnel inspect your aircraft daily to make sure no future issues arise.

Scheduled Maintenance: SSM Aerospace will be waiting in the Hangar to support your Scheduled maintenance 

(MRO) Heavy-Check support: SSM Aerospace will have teams assigned to the stations where your aircraft are going under Heavy checks.


Install and modification of the system with existing STC: We will cover your install in the most cost-effective and in a timely manner.  "You Can Count On Us" 

SSM Aerospace LLC specializes in;

Aircraft In-flight Entertainment Video/Audio/
Aircraft Communication Systems.
software Systems.
Aircraft Connectivity (Airborne-Wi-Fi systems).

SSM Aerospace LLC  FCC regulated Station. We are authorized to provide services on all Aircraft communications Systems for commercial, military, business Jets and Corporate Aircrafts. Services include removal, install, and maintenance on:

  • VHF & HF


  • Navigation

  • Pulse

  • Flight Data Recorder

  • Instrumentation


  • FMS CU

  • Airborne Mobile communication servers

  • Airborne Segments: BTS, NCU, SAT modem and AGS servers

  • GPS/GNSS simulator

Under our FCC ACR operator license SSM can provide services on all FCC-regulated Aircraft Communication Systems. 

Part 145 station Operator License is under review. After approval, the company will comply with  Federal Aviation Administration FAR Part 121 and FAR Part 145 guidelines. Under "Far" part 145 regulation, we will support all Aircraft maintenance/engineering operation needs around the clock 24/7 days a week and 365 days a year. 


 Currently, On short SSM Aerospace LLC Staffing Solutions:notice we can cover all your temporary staffing needs. As you focus on providing a safe Aircraft turnaround, SSM Aerospace will hire qualified personnel under FAA part 65/EASA part 66/CARs 403 and keep them current on training. Further, prepare teams to support your Aircraft maintenance operations around the clock 24/7 365 days anywhere in United States of America. Services also will cover hiring, employee benefits, training, supervision, compliance and payroll. We guarantee, that our cost-effective solutions will save you time and money. 


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